Our Scope

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| What We Do

Street Medics – Dallas is a volunteer-run non-profit organization that provides Basic Life Support (BLS) care to organizers and protesters in social movements, as well as to marginalized populations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. While individual organizations vary in terms of scope, SMD’s practices are specifically defined.

  • Basic Life Saving: SMD operates at the BLS level. This means we treat:
    • Heat injuries, such as heat exhaustion and heat cramps.
    • Trauma, such as bleeding control and stabilization.
    • Checking vital signs, such as blood pressure, pulse, and pulse oximetry.
    • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Supplies: We provide water and snacks to the unhoused and to demonstrators where such supplies are available.

| What We Don’t Do

  • Security. SMD is not a security/safety organization, and are in no way intended to act as guards.
  • Protest. While we support protests and the right to assemble, we do not, as a group, deploy to protest. Our goal is to provide care for those who do participate.
  • We are not journalists, though we will occasionally write blog posts about our experiences.
  • While we do maintain records of patient encounters, we don’t keep private information such as names and birthdates. We strongly uphold patient privacy practices, and as such, will not release that information to anyone.

If you’re looking to have us at an event you’re organizing, want to volunteer with us, or simply have questions, feel free to use our contact form.