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Use this form to add your Street Medic organization to our national map. Requests may take up to 48 hours to complete.

Please note: to be added to this map, you must be a Street Medic organization. This means your organization deploys medics to protests and sites of civil unrest and/or engages in community outreach and renders evidence-based medical aid. Using non-traditional remedies in non-emergent situations is fine, but when dealing with a medical emergency, your group must use evidence-based live-saving techniques (BLS+) to be included. We may require evidence of your calls-to-action or participation in such events to be added to our map.

The name of the Street Medic organization you want added to the map. Use the official name you want to appear.
We ask that only leadership from organizations fill out this form.
In case we have more questions.
e.g. Tuscon, AZ.
We can only assign one link to a map point. Please select whatever link would best serve to tell others about your organization. We advise against using donation links like GoFundMe.