Author: Innuendo

What a busy start to our October!  This time last week, I was really stressing the fact that we had 3 upcoming deployments and not many people on the schedules. Leading into Friday, the empty schedule stress was palpable in my house. I’m going to get a little personal, SMD, but fuck, Saturday was important […]

1 September 2021 Dear Street Medics Dallas, It’s Innuendo here, and I need your attention for several minutes. Last year, we collectively got angry and decided to band together to support the people in the streets who were standing up against white supremacy and police brutality. From there, Street Medics Dallas has continued to stand […]

03 August 2020  Our Command Team has been busy in the last several weeks. We are officially on the path to non-profit status. Geo and I (Innuendo) have filed the Street Medics Dallas DBA, and we are in the process of raising the funds and completing our 501C3 paperwork. Other News COVID-19 Watch We are […]