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Street Medics Dallas Needs YOU -Medics (at least current BLS certification)-Safetys (to accompany Medics)-Supply Runners (to keep us stocked up)-Communicators (to help us stay in touch) Our Street Medics will be supporting the Dallas Reproductive Liberation March on July 9, and we could really use some more help. Street Medics Dallas is a 501(c)3 nonprofit […]

Spring has sprung, and Street Medics Dallas is back in the field! Today we split up to do 2 events. The Denton team headed to Transgender Storytime, held at Armadillo Ale Works to provide a safe event for families of trans kids. Street Medics were on hand to hand out water and treat any injuries. […]

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Post-event Report by Geo: Dallas Community Care 12/5 Today’s deployment ended up being just me and Gear. By the way, in case anyone was wondering: Gear and I are NOT married. We had a patient today who was convinced that we were a husband and wife team, and he was admonishing Gear that he needed […]

One of our Street Medics was on the Amtrak train that derailed in Montana on Saturday. Read on to see how she was able to use her skills to help at the scene. Warning: some of it is graphic. I walked away from a literal train wreck. While there are dozens of news stories about […]

9/6/21 Y’all have seen the news. Hospitals and ERs are full. Our friends in the health profession keep posting about how tired they are. And to be honest, we’re seeing the effects of this in Street Medics Dallas. We have had very few volunteers sign up– for months. They tell us they want to help, […]

Today we went back to Camp Rhonda. The visit was for a memorial service (RIP Turtle), but it had been quite a while since SMD visited so I wore my shirt and brought the medic backpacks — just in case. And sure enough, people asked us to look at sick campmates, or check their blood […]

Today was a good day for volunteering, even though it was SUPER hot! Street Medics Dallas participated in the Rainbow Coalition event at the Larry Johnson Rec Center, where about 10 different activist groups got together to network and distribute donations to the unhoused. Among the groups represented were Fight for Black Lives, NGAN, Dallas […]

Happy Birthday SMD!  On 06/06/20, a group of medics and logisticians met at Belo Park to provide support for a Black Lives Matter protest. I was there. I wore roller skates, in case I had to get away quickly…but I spent the whole time at HQ, handing out water and Gatorade, and staying in touch […]

Sunday 5/23/21 – Rise Up For Palestine rally Greetings, all! This is Geo, President of Street Medics Dallas, and I was “voluntold” to do the blog this week.🙂  So I will be happy to tell y’all about the Rise Up for Palestine rally. The event was organized by several groups. The people we worked with […]