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January in Texas has its ups and downs. Weather-wise, it was down today, with the wind blowing chills through the people who gathered at the JFK Memorial in Dallas. It was SMD’s second protest of the year after Defend Dallas Drag, and as always, we were shorter-staffed than we would have liked. But with three […]

As I entered the park, I passed a few men with megaphones, condemning people to hell for the murder of babies and for having sex outside of marriage. As always, I had a flash of irritation that nearly led me to engage him in verbal debate, but years of experience stood with me, almost physically putting a wall between me and them. I knew that engaging them would have no positive effects. And that’s not why I was there. Not my role.

The heat was oppressive, and we were understaffed. I stood on the side of the street, Camp Rhonda sprawling in each direction, digging through medical packs looking for the right supplies. High blood pressure. High blood sugar. Aches and pains. Insect bites and infected wounds. The medical work needed ran the gamut today, and no […]

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Camp Chestnut

A photograph of a homeless encampment near Fair Park in Dallas, TX

The weather was temperate on Saturday as I drove through the area where I-75 intersected with I-30. My medic partner and friend, Fox, sat in the passenger seat, head on a swivel looking for our destination. GPS can only get you so far when searching for an encampment such as this, a place where many […]