Mission Statement

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| The Mission

The Street Medics Dallas (SMD) is a volunteer-run organization whose primary mission is to provide preventative care and treatment to individuals participating in, attending, or present by happenstance at protests or other social movement events in the City of Dallas and its surrounding areas. The organization is comprised of logistical and medical personnel of varying levels and experience volunteering their time for this mission.

SMD strongly supports the rights of Americans to free speech and assembly to demand redress for grievances from elected representatives.

| Who We Are

Street Medics Dallas formed shortly after the first of the George Floyd protests, in June of 2020. The founders had previously led safety departments at regional Burning Man-inspired events, providing medical, security, mental health, and fire suppression services. Additionally, they trained their volunteers to be prepared for a variety of emergencies, from hazardous weather to full-scale evacuation of events of 1000+ participants. When Burning Man and its regional events were cancelled due to COVID-19, the safety volunteers shifted their focus from the “burner” community to their local communities. They saw their friends attending the protests, saw the clashes with the police and counter-protesters, and saw an opportunity to put their medical and emergency management training to good use.

Street Medics Dallas formed shortly after its sister organization, Street Medics Austin, and are available to assist other cities in forming their own Street Medics teams. SMD relies on donations, and are able to efficiently collect and distribute medical supplies to protests and similar events. They also organize the volunteer medics and support personnel, provide training opportunities, deploy them on-site, and stay in communication to ensure their safety throughout the event.

| Notice

Street Medics Dallas complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. In addition to these Federal laws, SMD does not exclude or treat people differently on the basis of these categories as well as sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.

SMD is anti-bigotry in all forms. We are against oppression. We have volunteers from all intersections, as the community we serve does, and as an organization, we honor those intersections.

People who volunteer with Street Medics Dallas are expected to maintain a certain level of professionalism on their shifts. We outline these expectations in our Standard Operating Procedures, and we require all volunteers to sign a statement prior to each deployment indicating that they have read and will abide by it. Volunteers who cannot maintain these expectations will not be invited to volunteer with SMD in future deployments.