Let’s Train More Street Medics!

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Let’s Train More Street Medics!

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Y’all have seen the news. Hospitals and ERs are full. Our friends in the health profession keep posting about how tired they are. And to be honest, we’re seeing the effects of this in Street Medics Dallas. We have had very few volunteers sign up– for months. They tell us they want to help, but they’re worn out. We get it. Covid has been kicking our collective asses. The four of us in the Command Team have managed to keep SMD going, but we’ve had to limit our participation so we don’t get burned out too. We HATE that we’ve had to scale back. Protests are still happening, people are still experiencing homelessness, and our communities still need Street Medics. But instead of trying to do it all, we are going to shift our focus to training more volunteers. Volunteers who might not be medical professionals, but who have the time and the energy to be of service to their community. With more Street Medics, we could provide more community care and maybe, just maybe, make life a little easier for our professional friends. We want to train y’all in Basic Life Support (BLS) – to be the first responders giving first aid or CPR while we wait for the ambulance to come. Our plan is to provide this training for FREE, to every volunteer who wants it.

To do this, we need money. Thanks to those who have already donated, we are about a third of the way there. We are still $400 short of being able to send Gear to BLS trainer classes, and to buy the mannequins and other equipment needed to start our own classes. The sooner we can get it, the sooner we can start training. If you can help, we will accept your tax-deductible donation in the following ways:
PayPal: paypal.me/streetmedicsdallas
Venmo: @StreetMedics-Dallas
Fundrazr (accepts credit cards): https://fundrazr.com/streetmedics

If you’d like to BE one of our newly-trained medics, fill out this form and let us know: https://dallas.street-medics.org/contact/
If you’ve already filled out the form, hop onto our Discord and introduce yourself: https://discord.gg/XUpPHBkM
Training announcements will be on Discord and the email list.

Thank you for helping us get more Street Medics on the streets!!

Street Medics Dallas Command Team (Geo, Chairman Meow, Gear, and Innuendo)

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