Serving the Service

9 Aug, 2021 | geophagus | No Comments

Serving the Service

Street Medic at Camp Rhonda
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Today we went back to Camp Rhonda. The visit was for a memorial service (RIP Turtle), but it had been quite a while since SMD visited so I wore my shirt and brought the medic backpacks — just in case. And sure enough, people asked us to look at sick campmates, or check their blood pressure or glucose. We were quite busy!

I’m glad we went today, but we need to get back to going every week, or at least every other week. There’s a few sick folks to check on, and a few with chronic illnesses. We can’t wait a month or more between visits. I didn’t ask how Turtle died, but what if we could have prevented it? If we can put some dates on the calendar and email the volunteers, hopefully we can get more of them to come help us out. It would be great if we could go every week.

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