We’re One Year Old!

10 Jun, 2021 | geophagus | No Comments

We’re One Year Old!

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Happy Birthday SMD! 

On 06/06/20, a group of medics and logisticians met at Belo Park to provide support for a Black Lives Matter protest. I was there. I wore roller skates, in case I had to get away quickly…but I spent the whole time at HQ, handing out water and Gatorade, and staying in touch with the 5 medic teams via group texts. My feet were killing me by the end. But I met a lot of good people that day. Some of them even came back for the next deployment. Pretty soon we had ordered t-shirts and supplies, and were calling ourselves Street Medics Dallas. And then we got organized. We formed a Command Team. We wrote policies and procedures. We became a business, and applied for tax-exempt status (still waiting on that –apparently, the IRS has been having the same year the rest of us.)

To say “it’s been quite a year” would be an understatement. We’ve supported groups coming together in defense of black lives, brown lives, gay and trans lives, unhoused lives, and Palestinian lives. We’ve taken road trips to Denton, Pilot Point, McKinney, Wolfe City, and Fort Hood. We’ve seen our volunteers get hurt, get arrested, and just plain get tired. (Seven-mile march, anyone???) And yet, we keep coming back. Our primary goal is, and will always be, to keep the community safe. As long as Dallas continues to stand up to injustice, Street Medics Dallas will be there to help.

So what’s next?? Glad you asked!

Sunday June 13 12-2pm – Sandwich Sundays

While the Sandwich Sundays crew hands out food, SMD will be offering health checks to the unhoused in downtown Dallas. More info and signup form is here.

Coming soon: Yay! More trainings! Keep an eye for the next email with those dates.

Until then, stay safe,

Geo and the SMD Command Team

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