Update From Command

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Update From Command

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03 August 2020 

Our Command Team has been busy in the last several weeks. We are officially on the path to non-profit status. Geo and I (Innuendo) have filed the Street Medics Dallas DBA, and we are in the process of raising the funds and completing our 501C3 paperwork.

Other News

COVID-19 Watch

  • We are continuing to watch the COVID-19 situation closely. 
  • We will be continuing to screen all volunteers for an abnormal temperature at the beginning of every shift, using a no-contact thermometer. 
  • In order to volunteer with SMD, you must not have had any COVID symptoms nor an abnormal temp in the 48 hours leading up to your shift. This means we need you to evaluate yourself in the days leading up to your deployment.
  • You must wear a mask and utilize necessary PPE, which will soon include face shields, during your SMD shifts.
  • In the interest of keeping you informed, please remember that the governor has declared gatherings over 10 people to be unlawful due to Covid. 

Street Medics Mutual Aid and Harm Reduction North America

  • Several of us have been working with various other medics from around the country to start a mutual aid network to support the work we’ve been doing as street medics. This has been amazing to watch happen and be a part of.
  • If you would like to join, please talk to one of our Command Team members. 
  • If mutual aid is your jimmy jam, please talk to me. I’m the mutual aid coordinator for the network, and I am looking for team members!

Deployment Opportunities 

  • Home Front First Aid is looking for volunteers for deployment tomorrow night in McKinney. Please talk to Geo.
  • We are deploying on August 8th. See the deployment channel for more information and/or to sign up. 

Things SMD Needs:

  • Volunteers! Do you know someone who would be a great fit with SMD and is looking to donate some time? Please send them our way. 
  • Monetary Donations. Filing as a 501C3 is expensive, and we could use some help. You can donate to our Venmo @StreetMedics-Dallas.

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