Social Movements

Dedicated to the protection of those seeking to petition the government, SMD is staffed with trained and experienced medics, prepared to respond to a variety of injuries.

Community Outreach

In the US, not everyone has access to life-saving medical attention. SMD makes it its mission to help make medical care available to the disenfranchised.

The National Hub

Visit the National Street Medics Hub to find Street Medic teams near you!

Our Mission

The Street Medics Dallas (SMD) is a volunteer-run organization whose primary mission is to provide preventative care and treatment to individuals participating in, attending, or present by happenstance at protests or other social movement events in the City of Dallas and its surrounding areas, and providing low-level emergent and preventative medical care to the unhoused. The organization is comprised of logistical and medical personnel of varying levels and experience volunteering their time for this mission.

What We Do

Street Medics – Dallas provides healthcare-based support for social movements and the unhoused.

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Our Mission

SMD has a mission to make Dallas better through health. See our Mission Statement to learn more about what drives us.

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How to Help

Whether through volunteering or donation, SMD is always looking to work with others to make our community better.

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Latest Blog Posts

The Command Team of SMD sometimes shares their thoughts on deployments and current events. Occasionally, we'll share organizational updates, such as progress on nonprofit paperwork. You can see the latest of these blog posts below.


Bigger Than Roe: 2023 Begins

January in Texas has its ups and downs. Weather-wise, it was down today, with the wind blowing chills through the people who gathered at the JFK Memorial in Dallas. It was SMD’s second protest of the year after Defend Dallas Drag, and as always, we were shorter-staffed than we would have liked. But with three […]


Civic Garden Park

As I entered the park, I passed a few men with megaphones, condemning people to hell for the murder of babies and for having sex outside of marriage. As always, I had a flash of irritation that nearly led me to engage him in verbal debate, but years of experience stood with me, almost physically putting a wall between me and them. I knew that engaging them would have no positive effects. And that’s not why I was there. Not my role.


Medics (and non-medics) needed July 9

Street Medics Dallas Needs YOU -Medics (at least current BLS certification)-Safetys (to accompany Medics)-Supply Runners (to keep us stocked up)-Communicators (to help us stay in touch) Our Street Medics will be supporting the Dallas Reproductive Liberation March on July 9, and we could really use some more help. Street Medics Dallas is a 501(c)3 nonprofit […]